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  Mill Creek Drainage  
  Relief Tunnel  

Dallas Water Utilities, City of Dallas, Texas  

The Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel is a construction project that provides 100-year flood protection for nearly 2,200 commercial and residential properties in east Dallas. The tunnel is 5 miles long, 150 feet deep below the city’s surface, and is concrete line 15 inches thick.  The tunnel is designed to carry a maximum flow of 9 million gallons per minute. The tunnel will have 6 intake sites along the alignment.  To create the 5-mile tunnel, a 3-million-pound machine burrowed through bedrock from South Dallas to Uptown.  The tunnel will benefit more than 6,000 properties, which will reduce flooding around Fair Park, and Baylor Hospital including Baylor University Medical Center, where steady and heavy rains threaten the emergency rooms and trauma center.  The estimated completion date is 2025.

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