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  TxDOT Dallas District, Texas  

Historically, I-35E split the neighborhoods in Oak Cliff and South Dallas.  The Deck Park for Southern Gateway project will reconnect those communities. The 2.8-acre section will include features with a stage and pavilion, a children's playground, a dedicated food truck area and a multipurpose building.

The deck park will span I-35E in Southern Dallas between Ewing and Marsalis Avenues. The park will be directly adjacent to the Dallas Zoo and reconnects historic Oak Cliff.

The park is a public/private project between the City of Dallas, North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), Texas Department of Transportation, and the Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation. The Foundation is tasked with the design, construction, and future operations of the Southern Gateway Park.

The project consists of full reconstruction with widening the highway from eight to 10 lanes and two reversible non-tolled Express Lanes. The project includes 22 new bridges, 12 bridge widening, and retaining walls with interim operational improvements consisting of collector-distributor roads (north and south bound), direct connectors, and reconstructed ramps and bridge structures as necessary to accommodate the interim improvements. The project improvements boundaries are from I-35E from south of the I-35E/US 67 interchange to Colorado Boulevard, with transition work that extended north to Reunion Boulevard, and improvements to US 67 from the I-35E/US 67 interchange to I-20 in Dallas County.

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